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Copyrighting Your Music To Protect Yourself

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Copyrighting Your Music To Protect Yourself: It is with the help of music licensing that helps you to register your lyrics or compositions on your name. There are lots of people who publicize their symphonies in front of their friends and relatives. However, the very next day they find that their very own creation is being called as someone else's rather than their own piece. In order to call your music your own, you will have to follow some steps so that you are able to get your music licensed. If you are facing any sort of difficulty, you are free to get help from facilities which are being offered by the music licensing companies. Here some tips which you can use:

Protect Your Song By Signing And Dating:

You should be aware that a copyright comes in two parts. When you take a blank piece of paper and put in writing your songs, notes and even your lyrics, you should immediately put your signature as well as the date on the paper. In this way you will automatically be having a legal copyright of your work. In this way your work is now protected. You Can Protect Your Song When You Notarize Your Work: You can protect your music in another simple way and that is by getting all of your songs notarized. When you have your music notarized, it will be the duty of a notary republic to place their seal, sign it and then date their work. You will therefore be getting two government authorizations that will act as a witness of your ownership claim.

You Can Protect Your Song By Enforcing Your Legal Copyright:

In spite of your musing being protected you should go a step further so that you are able to enforce your rights. In order to enforce your rights, you should register your copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office. On completing this task, you will have a witness to the fact that the song is legally yours. You Can Protect Your Song By Making Use Of The Post Office: If you still desire to make use of one more government authorization then this can be done by making use of the U.S. Post Office. On having notarized your work and putting it in an envelope and then mail it to yourself. When you receive the envelope, don't open it, but put the envelope in a safe deposit box. This will serve as a witness when you wrote the song. It will be the official U.S. Post Office postmark which will indicate the date it was written. So these are some of the ways by which you can call your music your own and protect it from fraudulent use.

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